Cambodia Nightlife năm nhâm thìn – VLOG 70 (bars, clubs, girls) | ThongtinPlus

Cambodia Nightlife năm nhâm thìn – VLOG 70 (bars, clubs, girls) | ThongTinPlus

Cambodia Nightlife năm nhâm thìn – VLOG 70 Phnom Penh (bars, clubs, girls)


A VLOG from May năm nhâm thìn of an evening drinking in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The parts of this video are:

0:00 Street 172, the cheap charlie street in Phnom Penh
1:28 Sundance Inn, getting ready for the night
1:54 Heading to street 136
3:17 Street 136, hostess bars + Red Fox guesthouse
6:50 Shanghai bar, street 51
8:24 Sorya Beer Garden
9:44 Walkabout bar, or rather what happened to it
11:10 Heart of Darkness Nightclub
13:27 Pontoon Nightclub
16:trăng tròn Map of the places visited

Street 172

This is Phnom Penh’s cheap charlie area. It is home to many inexpensive bars, restaurants, guesthouses and also has a few hostess bars thrown in for good measure.

It is a good place to find $0.50 draught beers and many expat teachers congregate here in groups for the inexpensive offerings. The food is generally good here and many restaurants do take away service for the local expats.

The hostess bars were quiet on street 172 when I visited so I never ventured in as I generally don’t lượt thích being a solo customer in a bar. The Vampire bar girls were probably the best lookers from what I saw.

The first $0.50 beer of the trip was at the Rachana rooftop bar and restaurant.

Sundance Inn and Saloon.

This place is pretty solid choice with rooms starting at around $22. It’s guest friendly, they have a small swimming pool at the back and a lively bar area that is good to meet fellow travellers if that is your thing.

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Phnom Penh rubbish removal

This city has one of the most unhygienic methods of collecting rubbish. Piles of it left on the streets festering in the blistering heat all day long. Don’t even go near a market after closing as the stench of decaying organic matter is overpowering (esp. fish markets).

Notice the guys also have no gloves on and are wearing flip flops too. Unbelievable!

$1 moto taxi ride.

I went everywhere via tuk tuk or moto taxi and never paid more than $1 for a trip. On this night I was looking for a possible future khách sạn and got completely lost.

Phnom Penh is not a place to wander around alone late at night, even around the tourist areas. As soon as I could I flagged down a moto taxi and hit the bars.

Street 136

On this night I went to the corner bar first which has a great view of the crossroads below. Draught beers have gone up to $1.75 and lady drinks were $3.75.

At the Red Fox Bar I played some cash trò chơi poker upstairs. I didn’t stay long as I played lượt thích a donkey, losing every pot played and being down 3 figures before I made a judgement call to get the hell out of there.

Shanghai Bar

This long running bar was a must visit for me. There were around 60 girls working on this night and customers were thin on the ground. I ended up giving up on trying to film the bar area and just had a few rounds with some friendly hostesses.

There were a couple of grade A stunners at the bar that I missed and if I made a future visit I would just take one of those.

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No barfines in Shanghai but also no guarantee the girl will go to your khách sạn room.

Walkabout Pub.

This place fell on hard times and closed on 21 Apr năm nhâm thìn. It was a dingy freelancer bar where my first memory was being shouted at for not paying for my drink upfront (most of the bars give you a tab to pay on leaving).

I did make a short visit to the Walkabout last year in VLOG 19 last year:

Heart of Darkness

I remember not being able to breath in this nightclub a few years ago, and it being stocked to the gills with freelancers. Now it is a shadow of it’s former self and did I miss the memo that it was gay night on my visit?


This nightclub is now has cover charges some nights due to it’s increasing popularity. I think the club is ok, but not great. There was much more security on my visit and they were hassling me a bit for taking a couple of photos which was surprising.

Visit for more info from these videos.

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MADS / maciej kulesza – Tone

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